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Medical Studies on Inversion Therapy

Medical Studies on Inversion Therapy
Every medical study ever done that we know of that has focused on the therapeutic value of inversion therapy on people with disc problems - including ruptured discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease etc. have shown that inversion therapy has a positive effect and can reduce the need for drugs and surgery. Since 1980 our company has worked with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, sports medicine doctors and other health professionals and our experience confirms what the studies show. If done properly (please read - Suggestions For Getting Started) inversion therapy can have a very beneficial value in reversing disc compression and nerve impingement.
People ask "If inversion therapy is so beneficial, how come there are not more studies that prove it?" has been in the inversion field since 1980 and we think there are very logical answers to this question. If you look at the Newcastle University Study you will see it was done at the Newcastle General Hospital in the UK using a Teeter Hang Ups Power II Inversion Table. The UK has socialized medicine. This is important because if the government can save money they will be willing to do research on techniques that may be able to avoid expensive procedures. In the U.S. medicine is a profit oriented industry that may not always look for solutions to problems if those solutions reduce the need for expensive and maybe even dangerous procedures. If you look into who funds much of the medical research in the U.S. you will find it is drug companies and other industries associated with the medical establishment. Even government research is tied in with the Medical Industrial Complex which is similar in many ways to the Military Industrial Complex - which President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about. Western medicine has developed countless miracle drugs and procedures. However, in many areas of health and medicine simple non-invasive, inexpensive techniques are not only overlooked and not researched but may even be illegal. Medical doctors who look into some of these techniques and promote them may have their licenses revoked and may even be imprisoned. One only has to read a few books on cancer cures the medical profession does not want you to know about to become quite angry at what seems to be going on. If this sounds like paranoia please see the film 'Hoxey, Quacks Who Cure Cancer'. Or learn a little about the incredible suppression of the research into alternative cancer cures suffered by Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD. These alternative therapies may or may not be effective but when you read about how vicious and aggressive the FDA, the AMA and other agencies has been about suppressing even harmless research into these alternatives you will see that one Bill Of Rights our Founding Fathers should have added was Medical Choice. The chiropractic profession is often associated with medical alternatives. However, it has been our experience that although there are a small percentage of chiropractors that have been using inversion therapy for decades to help their patients, the chiropractic industry and chiropractic colleges have willfully and intentionally ignored this extraordinary therapy for more than 40 years because it was perceived as a threat to their practices. Dr. Robert Martin a chiropractor himself as well as a doctor of osteopathic medicine was heavily promoting inversion therapy in the 1970's. Instead of viewing it as a benefit to their patients the chiropractic industry viewed it as a threat to their incomes. It would not have been seen as a threat if it did not work. Now that they have the DRX 9000, the Spine Med Decompression system and other decompression machines where they can charge a lot for the therapy they are promoting Decompression Therapy as one of the greatest therapies ever developed. Well, what do they think inversion therapy does? And we know the chiropractic colleges knew about inversion therapy going back at least to 1980 when our company demonstrated it to some of the major colleges. Yet we know that even to this day most chiropractic colleges will not even mention it to their students. Up until the late 1970's or so traction was still very common in medical hospitals. Then everything changed when drugs and surgery became the rage and the medical profession who had been using weighted decompressions therapy commonly for hundreds or even thousands of years all but forgot that simple traction is often the best therapy for compressed disc problems. Disc compression is a mechanical problem and simple gravity inversion therapy is a mechanical solution. Our company has heard from many people who had been taking analgesics such as oxycontin, oxycodone, percocet, percodan, dilaudid and other narcotics and have been able to reduce their pain enough using inversion therapy to wean themselves from these drugs. One person we spoke with got such rapid pain relieving results from her inversion table that she had to be hospitalized to get off the narcotic drugs she was addicted to for her pain. Even Dr. Dean Edel who has a national radio program and says he follows the evidence and research is amazingly naive about the benefits of traction and inversion therapy. It is stunning to those in the field of inversion therapy who have been seeing the benefits to those suffering with compressed discs, degenerative discs, ruptured discs and other issues being helped by inversion therapy and then to hear Dr. Dean Edel on the radio say the research shows the decompression therapy, traction therapy and inversion therapy are no better that just letting time pass and the problem will just go away. The amazing ignorance of this attitude makes us question the veracity of Dr. Dean Edel's other positions on serious health issues. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people have avoided surgery (or avoided their next surgery), been able to get off narcotics and in other ways improved the quality of their lives using inversion therapy and someone as well read as Dr. Dean Edel is telling millions of people that it does not work. We at have worked with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, sports medicine doctors and other health professionals since 1980. And talk with speak with people who have received magnificent results using inversion tables as well as those recommended to our company by people who swear by inversion therapy. For about 30 years we have witnessed in our showrooms and in doctors offices and well as results on x-rays and MRI's that when Dr. Dean Edel and others question the effectiveness of this simple, logical, inexpensive, safe and effective therapy we feel they are doing a grave disservice to those suffering with this problem. Disc herniations, sciatica etc. are largely a mechanical problem - COMPRESSION and inversion therapy is a mechanical solution - DECOMPRESSION that if done properly and safely can have amazing results. If used in conjunction with proper exercises to balance and stabilize the pelvic region the results can be effective and long lasting. We have been hearing about the fantastic results people are having with inversion therapy nearly every single day since 1980. Now that the military is actively using inversion therapy we have had reports from soldiers being able to get back on their feet after a back or neck injury that otherwise would have ended their careers. We at have seen inversion therapy help MMA fighters with back and neck injuries as well. So those who state categorically that it does not help are either intentionally deceiving people or have not done proper research. In 30 years we have not heard of or read one single inversion therapy study that did not show positive results.

Sheffield, F.: Adaptation of Tilt Table for Lumbar Traction. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 45: 469-472, 1964.
175 patients who were unable to work due to back pain were treated. After eight inversion treatments, 155 patients were able to return to their jobs full time. Study concluded that the main basis for improvement was the stretching of paraspinal vertebral muscles and ligaments and possibly the widening of intravertebral discs.
Study found significant improvements in a variety of diagnosis including spondylolisthesis, herniated discs, lumbar osteoarthritis with sciatica, and coccygodynia. Patient experienced traction in a modified hip flexed position.
It is worth noting that previous to his use of inversion therapy, Dr. Sheffield regularly used mechanical traction with weights and pulleys. He considered inverted traction much more effective than mechanical traction.
Nosse, L.: Inverted Spinal Traction. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 59: 367-370,
Aug 78.
Study found emg activity (an indicator of muscle pain) declined 35% within the first 10 seconds of inversion. Study found that inversion increases the spinal length. Study concluded there is a correlation between a reduction in emg activity and an increase in spinal length.
Gianakopoulos, G, et al: Inversion Devices: Their Role in Producing Lumbar Distraction. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 66: 100-102, Feb 85.
Study found all subjects experienced intravertebral separation in the lower lumbar vertebrae. Study concluded that although mechanical traction has been used for centuries, only gravity assisted traction (inversion) offers an effective means of achieving pelvic traction at home.
Ballantyne, Byron, et al: The Effects of Inversion Traction on Spinal Column Configuration, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Perceived Discomfort. Jour of Orthopedic Sports Phys Ther. 254-260, Mar 86.
Study concluded that inversion can be an effective means of spinal traction. Subjects inverting in the hip flexed position experienced greater separation between the lumbar vertebrae.
Kane, M, et al: Effects of Gravity-facilitated Traction on Intravertebral Dimensions of the Lumbar Spine. Jour of Orthopedic and Sports Phys Ther. 281-288, Mar 85.
Study found gravity-facilitated traction (inversion), produces significant intravertebral separation in lumbar spine. Study concluded gravity facilitated traction may be an effective modality in the relief of low back pain.
Goldman, R, et al: The Effects of Oscillating Inversion on Systemic Blood Pressure, Pulse, Intraocular Pressure, and Central Retinal Arterial Pressure. The Physician and Sports Medicine. 13: 93-96, Mar 85.
Study concluded that full inversion using oscillation procedure presents no risk to normotensive healthy subjects.
Dimberg, L, et al: Effects of gravity-facitliated traction of the lumbar spine in persons with chronic low back pain at the workplace.
116 people were enrolled in the randomized controlled trial which lasted for 12 months. A randomized controlled trial with two training groups and one control group was conducted to asses the effect of gravity inversion on pain level and absenteeism due to LBP. Average age = 44 years. 77% men
Group 1: used inversion for 10 minutes 1/day
Group 2: used inversion for 10 minutes 2/day
Group 3: control group
Results after 12 months of training program: 1. The employees in Group 1 and 2 decreased sick days due to back pain by 33%. 2. Average sick days to due back pain fell by 8 days per individual in the treated group. 3. "Inversion is an efficient and cheap way to improve employee health and possibly reduce sick day costs to the employer."
Nachemson, Alf, et al: Intravital Dynamic Pressure Measurements in Lumbar Discs. 1970.
Study measured internal disc pressure (in the 3rd lumbar disc) through a range of activities, including standing, sitting, bending and vertical and supine traction. The study suggests that a traction load of 60% body weight is sufficient to reduce the residual pressure of 25% standing body weight to zero.
After several years of evaluation, the US Army Physical Fitness School has decided to incorporate Inversion into its world-wide physical training doctrine. The Army Rangers at Fort Benning, GA use gravity boots to invert, "reversing" the damage done to their bodies during their demanding training. To them, Inversion represents the "Quiet Side of Fitness"-a restorative fitness tool to help decompress and mobilize joints to prevent injuries. Soldiers use gravity boots to stretch while inverted, moving joints through their full range of motion.

Medical Studies on the 90/90 Inverted Position
As in using the DEX decompression & extensionTM

DEX Inversion
Vernon, H.: Inversion therapy: a study of physiological effects. The Journal of CCA 29: 138-140. Sep 85.
Study found a general reduction of emg (an indicator of muscle pain) after three minutes of inversion. Study found the flattening of the lumbar spine involved a stretching of spinal muscles and ligaments which lead to a 25% increase in forward spinal flexion.
Study found significant intravertebral separation (posterior and anterior). Study concluded that an inversion chair may be sufficient to reduce the majority of intravertebral disc protrusions.
Study concluded that the cardiovascular system (heart rate and blood pressure) remained stable through three minutes of seated partial inversion. Authors conclude this stability is due to the full comfort and support of the chair during partial inversion.
Meshino, J.: The Role of Spinal Inverted Traction in Chiropractic Practice. ACA Journal of Chiropractic 18:63-68, Feb 84.
Study stated the hip flexed position facilitates lumbar traction by flattening the lumbar spine and decreasing the loading effect of the psoas muscle on the lumbar spine during traction.
Study stated inversion therapy is preferred over mechanical traction because there is no need for a constricting harness and the safe and simple operation of an inversion chair allows the patient to administer traction.
Study stated inversion helps to negate the effect of gravity on the spinal column. Study stated inversion offers promise as a form of prevention, maintenance, and therapy.
For more in-depth study on back pain, sciatica,
scoliosis etc. see the research work of Nachemson:
National Center for Biotechnology Information
U.S. National Library of Medicine
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