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Inversion Therapy
A Natural Approach To Correcting Back Problems

If you think hanging upside down to relieve back pain is some wacky, new-age idea? Think again. It probably goes back to the dawn of human development. It is easy to imagine an early human with a backache hanging by their knees from a tree branch.

We know that inversion was used at least as early as 400 B.C., when Hippocrates, the father of medicine, first watched a patient have his knees and ankles tied to a ladder to be hoisted upside down for a dose of what has come to be known as inversion therapy.

The Greek theories on inversion are still valid, but today there is a much easier way to relieve the back pains most people experience from time to time. The process is called inversion therapy, and it can be the natural way to a better back and a better body.

Back pain is one of the most common physical complaints in the world. Every day, it is estimated that some eleven million Americans struggle to get through a day complicated by an aching back. In the United States alone, some 93 million workdays are lost each year due to back problems. There is overwhelming evidence that spending a few minutes each day hanging inclined can be beneficial to your back, and to your general health, by simply counteracting the continuous downward pull of gravity. Hang Ups inversion equipment offers a safe and comfortable way for anyone to benefit from the soothing sensation of inversion.

The concept of turning the body upside down for better health has been around for centuries. In yoga the headstand position has been used by yoga practitioners as a way of temporarily reversing the direction of gravity. However, not everyone can to do headstands & this position still does not relieve compression.

Over time, the compressive force of gravity is particularly harsh on the spine because of the flattening effect on the spinal discs. The intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers between the vertebra, and consist of a cartilage covering which surrounds a gelatin-like center. Combine the compressive effect of gravity with stress, weak back and stomach muscles, a lack of exercise and you have all of the ingredients for back pain.

Of course, it is impossible to offset the gravitational effects of a lifetime just by jumping on an inversion table. But by spending a few minutes inverted each day, or two or three times a day, people usually begin to feel results by the end of the first week. After a month of inversion, many people don't know how they ever got along without it.

Both physicians and chiropractors report positive results from using natural gravity-inversion traction with patients. A neurosurgeon in San Francisco says inversion seems to get people over the acute phase quicker than other forms of therapy. We believe that inversion can benefit the discs, strengthen ligaments and soft tissues, and relieve muscle spasms. We've also had success with patients suffering from herniated discs.

Besides providing relief from back pain, a daily dose of inversion can help to promote good health by correcting common spinal alignment problems, eliminating tension headaches, reducing hemorrhoids, alleviating the discomfort of varicose veins, and stimulating mental alertness. Many people suffer, especially in their later years from prolapsed internal organs that sag as a result of years of the downward pull of gravity.

Quite simply, inversion allows gravity to help the body to naturally correct and align itself. You stretch out and elongate your spine, get blood to the brain, invert and reposition internal organs, and take stress off of the heart, which usually has to pump blood uphill to the brain.

As with any new exercise program, if someone is in doubt about their level of fitness, or if they are over the age of 40, consult a physician before starting an inversion program. Inversion is not recommended for people with extreme weight problems, those with a history of stroke, acute back injuries, or high blood pressure, and it is very important that people with these conditions consult with their doctor before trying inversion. Also, individuals who have bone disease, retinal detachment, or any other serious eye disorders would be advised to avoid inversion without their doctors permission.

Why do some doctors advise against inversion therapy?
For centuries traction had been one of the primary doctor prescribed therapies for back problems. Recently pain medication and surgical treatments became popular. Even though traction was recommended for centuries sometimes modern doctors will advise against inversion therapy. It has been our experience that one of the main reasons they advise against inversion is because they do not understand that the user has total control over the angle of incline and extreme angels that may concern the physician are not recommended nor are they usually necessary for achieving great benefits. What some doctors need to realize is that a person can set the table for horizontal or any mild degree of incline. When very mild angles are used the stresses on the body are minimal and any risks are reduced. We have heard from people over the years who avoided inversion therapy because their doctors did not understand the potential benefits. Some of these people found a different doctor who did understand how much benefit could be achieved with as little as 15-20 minutes a day of mild inversion and rhythmic intermittent traction. This is achieved easily with the inversion table by creating a rocking motion. Some doctors contraindicate inversion therapy for very good reasons. In some cases they have not taken the time to study this simple therapy that has brought pain relief and a better quality of life to hundreds of thousands of people.

For someone with a back problem about to begin a
program of inversion therapy we offer a few helpful suggestions.

Begin slowly: Invert only 15 to 20 degrees at first, and stay inverted only as long as it feels comfortable, which may only be a few seconds at first. Remarkably, you can gain all of the benefits of inversion without ever fully inverting yourself. Most people find 20 to 60 degrees of decline adequate and very comfortable.

Come up slowly: When you come back upright the pressure is again placed on the discs and nerves. Come up slowly and relax at the horizontal before coming upright.

Make changes gradually: Increase the angle of decline only if it is comfortable, and only increase the angle a few degrees at a time. The Hang Ups F5000 inversion table has a tether strap to help people stay within their inversion range. People can add rocking back and forth (rhythmic traction) to their inversion program once they feel comfortable.

Pay attention to your body: You're unique, and your body will tell you what's good for it. You determine the pace when adapting to the inverted world.

Relaxing after a long day at a 25-45 degree angle for 15-20 minutes can be a great stress relieving & rejuvenating experience.

Rhythmic Intermittent Traction: Use intermittent traction (pull and release) or rhythmic traction to encourage blood, lymph, and spinal fluid circulation. Moving, twisting, stretching, and light exercise while inverted aids in the alignment of bones and organs while minimizing any increase in blood pressure, but strenuous exercise is not recommended while inverted. Just relax and enjoy!

Do it regularly: There are a variety of inversion programs and exercises. Trust yourself to find the approach that's best for you, and then do it every day. Two or three short sessions a day seem to work best for most people.

Inversion is a very dynamic & effective form of traction. Even at a 45 degree angle a person is achieving a greater force of pull on the back than hospital traction. The force of the pull registers much stronger on the body than it does on the conscious mind. This is why it is easy to over stretch the muscles & nerves of the back and neck & possibly get a spasm. Remember, most adults have not hung upside down since they were little kids.

Based on years of research and the testimonials of hundreds of people who have found relief from back pain, inversion is a powerful, natural option for people who want to relieve lower back pain. Sometimes there's an explanation for why inversion works, and sometimes there isn't - it works for some and not for others. We only know that for many people, literally turning their world upside down through inversion therapy can provide an alternative to drugs and surgery in a life filled with daily pain.

Many people say it is the greatest stretch they have had in years.

Dr. Bernard Jensen who many consider to be one of the greatest naturopathic teachers and healers of the 20th century recommends using a slant board as part of an optimum health program. This inversion table does everything the slant board does & more!!!

Grapes and Raisins
Discs are soft, rubbery pads between the hard bones (vertebrae) of the spinal column. When they are young and healthy, discs are plump with water, which keeps them hydrated and they have the perfect consistency to work as shock absorbers for the vertebrae. They also act to maintain the space between the vertebrae so the nerves are not impinged upon. Over time the daily stress of gravity, sitting, twisting and the process of aging may dry them out like grapes turned into raisins. This is called desiccation. This disc desiccation or drying out can be reversed and the disc can be rehydrated.
As discs deteriorate, their tough outer shell weakens. One swing on the tennis court or lifting in the wrong way can burst the interior gel
through the caseing, like jelly squishing out of a doughnut.
vertebrae are separated allowing the discs to regain their form and function. After the pressure is taken off the nerve there can be a rocking motion added to the inversion therapy.
The rocking motion creates an accordion like pumping action that helps to hydrate and increase the fluid circulation to the discs. It creates a compression and expansion. One of the reasons discs degenerate and don't regenerate well is due to the passive nature of the fluid flow to the discs. They are not vasuclarized like a kidney. The fluid flow to and from the disc is based on body movement such as walking and breathing. The rocking motion on the table facilitates this fluid flow as good or better than perhaps any other activity.

The result is the infamous herniated disc (also referred to as ruptured or slipped disc).
When a disc bulges against one of the two sciatic nerves, which run from the spinal cord down the legs, the pain can be excruciating. This bulge can also take place in the cervical area which affects the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
Inversion therapy adresses the duel function of the discs, their ability to act as shock
absorber and spacer. With mild inversion the

Disc Desiccation and Diuretics for High Blood Pressure - Water Pills
We have no way to verify this scientifically, however, we have been working in the field of back problems and inversion therapy since 1980 and in the medical field before that and it has been our observation that there may be a correlation between diuretic therapy and disc problems. Long term use of diuretics to help control high blood pressure may contribute to disc desiccation which is described above. Most people who have disc problems may have one or two compressed, herniated or ruptured discs. We have found people who have disc problems and who are on diuretics seem to be more likely to have 3-4 or even more compressed discs than the person who is not on diuretics. Also when we hear someone has sciatica on both sides, this is often a sign to us they maybe on diuretics. When people tell us they have 5 compressed discs and we ask if they are on diuretics, we are not surprised to hear that they are. They are surprised when we ask them the question because they had never made the correlation before. We have even spoken with nephrologists (kidney and blood pressure specialist) and they had never made the correlation either but believe there maybe be a causal relationship.
To our knowledge we are the first to make this observation

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Inversion Table
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Inversion Table
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Inversion Table
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Inversion Table

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