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If You Have Arthritis or Bone Spurs
You May Want To Read This Page
Here is a brief summery of the following information based on studying with Dr. Bernard Jensen and more than 25 years in the medical field working with back pain and arthritis suffers. Dr. Jensen found that when calcium deposits crystallize in the joints and in the form of bone spurs there is a chemical imbalance in the body that can be reversed. At his 120 acre healing center in Escondido California he treated people suffering extreme debilitation actually being bent over with one inch bone spurs up and down their spines. In one year of proper nutrition all the spurs were gone and there was no evidence of the former problem. We have seen similar results. If you want to understand the physiology of how it works read the entire CAPRA MINERAL WHEY article. A program to consider that can give your body the proper nutrients include CAPRA MINERAL WHEY, and a complete nutritional supplement. CAPRA MINERAL WHEY is one of the best form of whey you can buy. For a less expensive brand check out your local health food store or Costco which has cow's whey at a very good price. Besides reversing calcium deposits in the body whey powder is a favorite form of protein of body builders and other athletes because of its easy to digest excellent muscle building protein. Essentially what Dr. Jensen has found is that whey powder in many cases can assist in balancing the bodies chemistry and putting the calcium back in solution and reversing osteoarthritis and bone spurs. One World Whey is Another Great Whey Company - Good but expensive.

A uniquely processed, 100% natural, mineral-rich, goat’s milk whey powder.
_ Goat’s milk is the most widely consumed milk in the world
_ Goat’s milk is most like human milk in composition
_ Mt. Capra goats are not fed any pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or growth hormones
_ CMW is minimally processed to insure it’s original composition
_ CMW contains a broad array of more than 20 naturally occurring minerals in a highly complex whole food form which our bodies recognize and utilize with ease
_ A highly concentrated, alkaline, mineral food
_ Beneficial to weak and painful joints
_ Soothing and healing to the digestive and intestinal tract;
a natural strengthener to the immune system
Caution - For some people whey powder can be a strong laxative.

Dr. Bernard Jensen says, “ . . . one of the best natural mineral supplements I know is Capra Mineral Whey.”
Goat Milk Magic, pg. 70
Why Goat’s Milk?
Today, over 65% of the world’s population drink the milk of goats. Goat’s milk is the most like human milk in composition and is praised for it’s ready digestibility. Our bodies can digest goat’s milk in 20 minutes; conversely it takes 2-3 hours to digest cow’s milk. Additionally, the composition and size of goat milk fat globules are 5-10 times smaller than those found in the milk of cows. Goat’s milk is an alkaline food and is also naturally homogenized. The Journal of American Medicine, the official organization for over 100,000 physicians in the United States, under the heading of dietetics and hygiene writes, “The goat is the healthiest domestic animal known, and it’s milk is superior in every way to cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is the ideal food for babies, convalescents, and invalids, especially those with weakened digestive powers. Goat’s milk is the purest, most healthful, and most complete food known.”
Why do we need the minerals in Capra Mineral Whey?
Since 90% of the minerals in milk are contained in the whey, CMW minerals are a natural part of the microstructure of concentrated whey. Nutrient intake works best when groups of nutrients, including minerals, are available in the digestive tract at the same time. CMW is a concentrated food that contains minerals in naturally occurring combinations that are well assimilated. Doctor’s and nutritionists agree that getting minerals from foods is better than getting them from manufactured, isolated, and inorganic products. Senate Document #264, 74th Congress, 2nd Session, claims there are serious nutritional deficiencies developing in this country because our food is lacking in certain minerals and trace elements needed by people to stay healthy. This claim was made in 1936! If concerns about the quality of our food were raised over 60 years ago, where does that leave us today? The obvious conclusion is supplying our bodies with minerals from highly concentrated, whole food sources. What an excellent description of Capra Mineral Whey!
Minerals in Capra Mineral Whey
Potassium: 884 mg Sodium: 189 mg Calcium: 313 mg Chloride: 280 mg Zinc: 78mg
Phosphorus: 249 mg Magnesium: 24 mg Molybdenum: 58 mcg Manganese: 1.5 mcg Tin: 63 mcg
Strontium: 27 mcg Copper: 17 mcg Chromium: 12 mcg Antimony: 8 mcg Nickel: 8 mcg
Silicon: 8 mcg Selenium: 2.2 mcg Iron: .51 mg Barium: 52 mcg Silver: 10 mcg
Vanadium: 2.8 mcg Titanium: 9.4 mcg Yttrium: 1.0 mcg Sulfur: 17 mcg Boron: 104 mcg

Interesting note about whey powder - we have found that nursing mothers who are having a problem producing enough milk for their baby who take whey powder will be engorged with a lot of milk within 12-24 hours. There is no reason at all that a woman should have to stop nursing because she is not producing enough mother's milk. With these very nutritious supplements a mother can be flowing with wonderful milk for her baby.
Dr. John Apsley who is one of the world's authorites on reducing the damage of nuclear radiation such as is coming out of Fukushima, says that whey which is grown in uncontaminated areas made into smoothies can help rid our bodies of nuclear radiation. He also wrote an excellent book - Radiation Crises & Antidotes.
Caution - For some people whey powder can be a strong laxative.
Some people find they like adding whey powder to their coffee. Another delicious way to enjoy
whey is simply mix in water with some dried sherded coconut which some health food store sell.

Minerals seldom, if ever, work by themselves. They work in harmony with each other and with other nutrients.
Sodium + Potassium
A necessary and beneficial combination.
Sodium is healthy?
Chronic indigestion, intestinal irritation, constipation, ulcers and other stomach disorders as well as joint troubles such as arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis are often signs that the bio-organic sodium is deficient in the body. Reserve supplies of sodium are stored in joints, ligaments, and lymph fluid, but chiefly in the walls of the stomach and small bowel. This makes the tissues of the stomach highly alkaline, which is needed to withstand the hydrochloric acid normally produced in the stomach. If it were not for the presence of sodium, the stomach walls would be destroyed by the acid in these tissues.
Acids are produced in the body through devitalized foods, stress, mental strain, etc. When this occurs sodium is withdrawn from the above mentioned sights to neutralize the acid. If we overdraw from the sodium reserve in the stomach it will be withdrawn from the joints and ligaments and they will suffer lack. This is because the blood, in attempt to maintain chemical balance, will borrow sodium, but calcium will remain in the joints causing pain and rigidness that is so evidently common today.
Remember, bio-organic sodium is food sodium, not to be confused with table salt sodium, NaCl, which is processed at extreme heat using many chemical procedures, including bleaching, to get the finished product. The stomach, intestines, joints, and ligaments are sodium organs and are in constant need of food sodium.
Potassium: necessary for a peak performance
Heart irregularity, fatigue and immune deficiencies, along with acid alkaline imbalance may signal bio-organic potassium deficiencies. Potassium is primarily stored in the muscles (including the heart muscle). It’s functions include neutralizing acid wastes and, with the help of sodium, controlling the acid alkaline balance in the muscles.
Potassium and Sodium perform many of the same functions and are nearly always found together in the body. Second only to breathing and maintaining heartbeat the most important metabolic function our bodies perform is to maintain a specific pH. Electrolytes, chiefly sodium and potassium, keep the pH balance in our bodies nearly constant.
Q: What does the term “trace minerals” or “trace elements” mean?
A: Minerals are divided into two groups. Macro minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, etc.) are needed in fairly large amounts. Micro, or trace, minerals (copper, zinc, manganese, vanadium, cobalt, molybdenum, etc.) are needed in very small amounts. Although minimal in size, trace
minerals are a critical factor in maintaining a proper balance of health. CMW contains an abundance of both macro and micro minerals.
Q: Does CMW have electrolytes? What do they do?
A: Yes, the most plentiful mineral ingredients in CMW are electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, and phosphorus). Electrolytes are electrically charged ions, positive and negative, which are capable of conducting electricity in a liquid. They help maintain the membrane potentials of cells and are crucially involved in muscle function, high energy levels, heart activity, and the pH balance in the blood and tissues.
Q: Are CMW minerals helpful to enzymes in the body?
A: Definitely! There are over 3,000 active enzymes in every cell of the body! An entire “family” of enzymes are called metalloenzymes because one or more metallic minerals play an essential role in their function. For example, copper is a key element in many enzymes that build or tear down body tissue. Manganese is used by enzymes needed to utilize several vitamins. Zinc is used in over 80 enzymes that are needed by everyone.
Q: Can I still take the product if I am lactose intolerant?
A: Many people who are lactose intolerant enjoy taking CMW. It is wise, with any medical condition, to consult your doctor before you begin using a new product.
Q: Is there a “best way” to take CMW?
A: CMW is available in the capsule or powder form. We suggest five capsules three times per day or two tablespoons per day of the bulk powder. The most common way of taking the CMW powder is mixing one tablespoon in a cup of warm water. Some customers like CMW in vegetable juices like celery, beet, carrot, or tomato juice. Others enjoy adding it to tea, yogurt, soup, and casseroles, or sprinkling it on top of salads or fruit.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is a food supplement, not medicine. We make no curative claims.
Manufactured exclusively by:
Mt. Capra Products
279 SW 9th St.
Chehails, WA 98532
(800) 574-1961
(360) 748-4224
Fax: (360) 748-3099  
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joint vitamines
Dr. Joel Wallach's lifetime of research including one of the most exhaustive studies in history at The National Institute of Health in our opinion qualifies him as one of the most knowledgeable scientist / nutritionist / phisicians in the world. He helped formulate the nutritional supplements we feel are the best available. Dr. Joel Wallach's research has led him to conclude that most of us will die from nutritional deficiencies. We need 90+ nutrients a day and if we are not getting these we are a victim of chronic malnutrition. With these supplements we have found a simple affordable way to give ourselves and our families the peace of mind to know that we are not nutritionally deficient and can live a long and healthy life without the complications of chronic degenerative diseases that are the scorge of modern society. You may want to try the Healthy Start Pack - Might 90.
Dr. Joel Wallach is a science graduate and a veterinarian who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1991 for his excellent service to the medical field. He was born and raised in Missouri and obtained his degree for Agriculture in 1962. After obtaining the degree, he worked as a veterinarian for 30 years and did research along with The National Institute of Health for the biology of natural systems. In the year 1982 he was able to beccame a Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine. Then he continued his hard work and in the year 1988 he was awarded with a Gold medal from Association of Eclectic Physicians. He got this medal for understanding the cause and pathophysiology of Cystic Fibrosis. 1991 was a remarkable year for Dr. Joel Wallach as he was nominated for the Nobel Prize because of his stunning discoveries in the medical field.
These days Dr. Joel Wallach is going around the world by sharing the knowledge that he has gathered from his researches for over 40 years. He has the understanding and knowledge about living a long healthy life and he is sharing that knowledge with people all around the world using CDs, Books, TV shows and radio shows. Among many other discoveries was his research into the people of Okinawa and the likely reason why they are the among the healthiest and longest lived peoples in the world. Others studied their lifestyle but even after 30 years the scientists have a clue, it took Dr. Wallach to find the main factors. He learned that they used the locally grown wood for cooking and heating. They put the ashes into their gardens and added it to their salt. In the local soils that the trees grew in were the 60 minerals necessary to healthy life. By adding the ashes to their soils and salt they were delivering to their bodies the minerals necessary for a healthy life and that you can get from these products.
He has written two self help books in order to guide the general public. In the book entitled “Let’s play Doctor”, he has reviewed more than 400 diseases. In that book he has described his own naturopathic way of dealing with those diseases. He has reviewed about the mineral deficiencies in our diets using his second book which has been released under the name "Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures". Doctors always advice people to eat nutritious food in order to stay away from diseases. But Dr. Joel Wallach has figured out that it is practically impossible to get all the nutrients needed to stay away from diseases.
According to him, there are 90 essential nutrients to the human health. He says that it is impossible for a person to get all these nutrients and even the deficiency of one nutrient could lead their life to a disease. He says that these 90 essential nutrients fall under four categories as 16 amino acids, 3 fatty acids, 12 vitamins and 60 minerals. These inventions were able to create some revolutionary ideas within the minds of people. Therefore Dr. Joel Wallach is invited to conduct guest lectures and he does about 300 live lectures per year.
Bone creation continues until about the age thirty to thirty-five years.1 After that bone loss occurs at an annual rate of 0.5% to 2%, which increases in women for ten years after menopause.2
Bone health is influenced by diet, exercise, dietary supplements and lifestyle (eg, smoking). Optimizing all these factors can help the process of building strong bones.
Most people take calcium and vitamin D for bone health and to reduce the risk for osteoporosis. Research confirms that calcium and vitamin D can reduce fractures by 16%.3 But when combined with 45 mg/day MK4, a form of vitamin K2, clinical trials have shown that fractures may decrease by more than 80%.4,5 It is so effective that 45 mg/day MK4 has been approved by the Ministry of Health in Japan since 1995 for promoting strong bones.6
Exercise can reduce fractures. Qi Gong, yoga and lifting weights can increase bone mineral density and strength. They have also been shown to decrease falls, and falling is how people break bones.
Some people believe coffee causes bone loss. A study of 40,000 men and women in Norway concluded that coffee may cause bone loss only in those who drink nine or more cups per day, and only in those people not consuming the minimum recommended daily amount of calcium. So if you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, enjoy it. It is unlikely to harm your bones.
Some medications cause bone loss. Taking oral prednisone (cortisone, hydrocortisone, dexamethasone, methylprednisolone) for six months weakens bones, and acid blocking medications cause bone loss.
Studies show that 45 mg/day MK4, plus calcium and vitamin D stops bone loss and builds strong bones.  Osteo-K is the only bone health product that contains these ingredients. How does your calcium supplement compare?
Click to view a chart comparing Osteo-K to other leading calcium supplements, such as Viactiv, Citracal, Bone-Up, Os-Cal and Caltrate.Osteo-K contains a 45 mg of MK4™, also called MK-4™, menaquinone-4 and menatetrenone. MK4 is a form of Vitamin K2. The Archives of Internal Medicine confirms that 45 mg of MK4™ daily can decrease the risk of vertebral fractures by 60%, hip fractures by 71% and all nonvertebral fractures by 81%.
Calcium and vitamin D decrease how fast people lose bone minerals; however, vitamin K2 in the amounts found in Osteo-K have been shown to actually increase bone mineral density and decrease fracture risk.
Don't be fooled by other bone health formulas that contain vitamin K. Only Osteo-K contains the amount and form used in clinical trials--45 milligrams (nearly all other formulas contain much smaller amounts, measured in micrograms, which can be hundreds of times less than what's in Osteo-K). And other products contain MK7, another form of vitamin K, but which has never been shown in clinical trials to reduce fractures. Only MK4 reduces fractures. MK4 (45 mg daily) is so effective that it's been an approved by the Ministry of Health in Japan since 1995 for the treatment of osteoporosis.
MK4 (45 mg/d) alone and in combination with vitamin D3 and calcium matches or exceeds the benefits in clinical trials of Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva without the dangerous side effects.
MK4 exerts a powerful influence on promoting bone health and is one of the most frequently prescribed nutrients in Japan for growing strong bones and decreasing fractures. MK4 is a fat soluble vitamin that is a coenzyme for a vitamin K-dependent carboxylase enzyme catalyzing the carboxylation of the amino acid, glutamic acid, resulting in its conversion to gamma-carboxyglutamic acid (Gla).
Although vitamin K-dependent gamma-carboxylation occurs only on specific glutamic acid residues in a small number of proteins, it is critical to the calcium-binding function of those proteins. Three vitamin-K dependent proteins have been isolated in bone. Osteocalcin is a protein synthesized by osteoblasts (bone forming cells). The synthesis of osteocalcin by osteoblasts is regulated by the active form of vitamin D, 1,25(OH)2D3 or calcitriol. The mineral-binding capacity of osteocalcin requires vitamin K-dependent gamma-carboxylation of three glutamic acid residues.
Matrix Gla protein (MGP) has been found in bone, cartilage, and soft tissue, including blood vessels. The results of animal studies suggest MGP prevents the calcification of soft tissue and cartilage, while facilitating normal bone growth and development.
Vitamin D3, the active form of vitamin D, is involved in many physiological processes. It increases calcium absorption, and has been shown in clinical trials alone and in combination with MK4 and calcium, to reduce fracture risk in osteoporosis.
Calcium is essential for bones and teeth, heart, nerves, muscles, and blood clotting. About 99% of the calcium in the body is found in bones and teeth, while the other 1% is found in the blood and soft tissue. Calcium supplementation has been shown in clinical trials to increase bone mineral density. Providing supplemental calcium is the standard of care for people with low bone mineral density.
SAFETY: From a large number of clinical trials using dosages in excess of 40 mg/day, there were no reports of side effects associated with any type of hypercoagulable (increased blood clotting) state. Both animal and clinical studies support the conclusion that vitamin K2 has no dangerous effects on blood clotting. However, it should be noted that the anticoagulant effect of warfarin, functioning by its interference with the clotting effect of vitamin K, can be offset with as little as 1 mg of vitamin K. If you are on anticoagulant therapy (e.g., taking warfarin), you should not take Osteo-K. For everyone else, Osteo-K is safe.
Directions: Take three capsules twice daily with food.
More than forty citations support the ingredients in Osteo-K for bone and cardiovascular health.
Information courtesy of

Proper Diet:
The omega-3 fatty acids in fish act as a natural anti-inflammatory.
Costco's brand (Kirkland) is inexpensive and said to be low in toxins.
Dr. Dean Ornish - 3 gms (capsules) a day of fish oil (omega 3) can
reduce your risk of heart attack or sudden death by 50-80%.

For many years has been sending nutritional supplements to third world countries to help people we are in contact with. The medical benefits we have seen from just fish oil and vitamin C have been nothing short of miraculous.

You can read over 16,000 medical research articles on the benefits of fish oil - Click here and enter search term Fish Oil

Costco's Kirkland brand is inexpensive and many people have had marvelous results using it.
However, if you want one of the purist and highest grades you can buy take a look at Nordic Naturals.

There are some recent studies showing that fish oil may be protective against Age Related Macular Degeneration.

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish, flax oil and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in promrose oil have anti-inflammatory effects on arthritic conditions. Fish oil contains EPA (eiscosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaneoic acid), whild flax oil contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). The body uses these essential fatty acids to make various prostaglandins and leukotrienes, substances that inhibit the inflammatory response and pain (Omega-3 fatty acids in inflammation and autoimmune diseases. J Am Aol Nut 2002; 21(6);495-505). It is believed that rheumatioid arthritis ia an autoimmune disease and studies show that when RA patients suplement with EPA and DHA, their symptoms improve.
Consumption of GLA in flax oil may increase the number of favorable prostaglandins and leukotrienes, lowering inflammation. Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is a healthy fatty acid found in evening primrose oil and borage oil that reduces swelling and pain in arthritic joints. A new study found that supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids, in combination with reduction of omega-6 fatty acids, and adequate intake of monounsaturated fatty acids, improves rhuematoid arthritis (RA) symptoms, and alleviates the need for NSAIDS (Diet, nutrition and rheumatoid arthritis, Clinical Therapeutica. 2005; 156(3) 115-123).

Click here to read very good site to learn about the benefits of ground flax seeds and omega 3.
Some potential benefits from omega 3 fatty acids to your diet diet:
• Lowered blood cholesterol levels
• Lowered high blood pressure
• Increased energy, vitality, and stamina
• Increased sense of calmness under stress
• Reduced threat of blood clots
• Protection against cancers, particularly hormone sensitive cancers such as breast and prostate
• Better regulation of blood sugar levels
• Eases inflammatory tissue conditions, including arthritis
• Alleviation of dry skin, eczema and psoriasis
• Enhanced immune system
• Increased metabolic rate with a positive impact on weight management
• Helps with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
• Natural laxative
• And the list goes on
To learn more about balancing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids check out these links.
Dr. Andrew Weil - Balancing Omega-3 and Omega-6
Dr. Andrew Weil - Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips
Dr. Andrew Weil - New Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid
Sometimes referred to as protomorphogens - that is nutritional supplements that are the same organ or body substance as you are trying to regenerate or heal. For example taking bone meal as a calcium supplement. This theory may be questionable but may be of value to consider. Some research has shown that the protomorphogen gelatine is excellent for supporting the cartilage of your body. Gelatin is bovine collagen derived from boiling animal skin, tendons, ligaments and bones and is a good source of protein. Knox Gelatin is a very inexpensive supplement that can be purchased in supermarkets and in large 1 pound containers at some locations. Using a teaspoon or tablespoon full of Knox in a glass of orange juice (or other drink) 1-2 times a day may assist in supporting the cartilage system of our joints.
An interesting article: "Essential Roles" for Proline, Glycine and Gelatin
"Several years ago Knox Gelatin introduced a new product named Nutrajoint with great fanfare. This supplement contains gelatin, vitamin C and calcium, and advertisements touted "recent scientific studies" proving that gelatin can contribute to the building of strong cartilage and bones.
In fact, the evidence goes back more than a century, and not only established gelatin’s value to cartilage and bones but also to the skin, digestive tract, immune system, heart and muscles."

Please Read Vitamin D Article Below

More About Omega-3 Which Is A Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Found In Fish Oil, Flax Seed, Tofu and Other Foods

Vitamin D Makes a Comeback
by Sylvia Booth Hubbard

from Newsmax magazine - June 2009
You can read over 20,000 medical research articles on the benefits of vitamin D3 - Click here and enter search term Vitamin D3

  There is a superstar among nutrients, truly a "comeback kid." During the past year, vitamin D long labeled the "sunshine vitamin" and known for its importance in building strong bones, has skyrocketed to the top of many health-conscious Americans' "must-take" supplement list.
  It has been called the new "C" the "It" nutrient, and the new aspirin. "Vitamin D has literally been resurrected," says physician and nutritional expert Ray Sahelian, author of Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements That Enhance Your Mind, Memory and Mood.
   Has the importance of vitamin D been overhyped? "No," Sahelian tells Newsmax. "It's very important. Recent studies have shown how important vitamin D is, especially in reducing or preventing cancer and reducing risk of autoimmune diseases."
  Since the sun is a vital source of vitamin D, and few foods are rich sources (egg yolks and fatty fish are exceptions), many Americans don't get enough, especially during Northern winters. Even people who live in sunny climates often don't get the 10 to 20 minutes of sun exposure needed to produce an adequate amount, Sahelian says. And with the sun's connection to aging skin and skin cancer, many people intentionally avoid exposing their skin to sunlight.
  In fact, the National Center for Health Statistics says at least 36 percent of Americans are deficient, and research released in March showed that 1 in 7 teenagers is deficient.
  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a long list of ills, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, while adequate amounts significantly enhance health. The list of vitamin D benefits is long and varied:

• Prevents cardiovascular disease. Adequate amounts lower hypertension risk while deficiencies raise the risk of stroke, heart attack, or heart failure
•  Helps prevent multiple sclerosis
• Strengthens bones and lowers the risk of falls
•  Eases winter depression
•  Lowers risk of many forms of cancer
•  Prevents or delays the onset of diabetes, both Types 1 and 2
•  Boosts immunity to tuberculosis
•  Contgrols weight and body fat
•  Lowers the risk of gum disease
•  Slows aging by up to five years
•  Prevents cognitive decline in elderly
•  Lowers the risk of colds and flu
•  Promotes liver health. More than 92 percent of patients with chronic liver disorders are vitamin D deficient
•  Controls pain. Mayo Clinic studies found that patients with low levels of vitamin D require twice as much pain medication, and that 93 percent of people with painful chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia are deficient.
  The government recommends 400 IU daily, but many experts believe much more is needed for optimal health. Vitamin D supplements are inexpensive and realily available. "Most experts believe that calciferols - vitmain D-3 - is the most potent form," Sahelian says.
  A safe, effective dose is thought to be 1,000 IU daily. Although Sahelian says some doctors are prescribing up to 2,000 IU a Day, he urges caution. "I'd recommend no more than 1,000 IU daily until we learn more."

Vitamin D
Vitamin D
Latest recommend dosage for adults 1000-5000 I.U.s of Vit D 3 Cholecalciferol daily.
It is estimated that in 5-10 minutes of summer sun
exposure the body will produce about 5000 I.U.s of Vit D
Here is some interesting information Understanding Vitamin D Cholecalciferol.
Some nutritionists recommend even higher dosages.
A good general source for supplements is Puritan Pride
Tumeric - Natural Anti-Inflammatory?
Turmeric also called curcumin, has been used in Asian cookery for thousands of years. Powder ground from the dried root is an ingredient in curry. Turmeric is one of the cheaper spices and makes a vivid splash of color, so it gets heaped into low-market curry blends as fill. Not such a bad idea.
Turmeric holds a high place in Ayurvedic medicine as a "cleanser of the body" and today science is finding a growing list of diseased conditions which turmeric's active ingredient heals. Broad interest in curcumin's anti-inflammatory effects is increasing.
Worlds Healthiest Foods - "Six hundred and eighty-eight studies, more than 400 of them published within the last four years, confirm Curcumin's remarkable anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Within the last year, interest in Curcumin's potential as a neuroprotective agent have been rising."
Washington Post - "Medical researchers are becoming increasingly convinced that the most primitive part of the immune system (inflammation), may play a crucial role in some of the most devastating afflictions of modern humans, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and possibly Alzheimer's."
Because of its ability to reduce inflammation, turmeric may help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis. A study of people using an Ayurvedic formula of herbs and minerals containing turmeric as well as Withinia somnifera (winter cherry), Boswellia serrata (Boswellia), and zinc significantly reduced pain and disability. While encouraging for the value of this Ayurvedic combination therapy to help with osteoarthritis, it is difficult to know how much of this success is from turmeric alone, one of the other individual herbs, or the combination of herbs working in tandem.
Inversion Therapy and Arthritis
Along with proper nutrition which can often remediate and reverse arthritis, physical activity is very important. Moving the joints, exercising the bodies musculoskeletal system and stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow are all part of a healthy arthritis reversal program. One of the easiest ways to get a wonderful, low stress, low impact full body, blood/lymph circulation and joint movement experience is to use an inversion table. Stasis or lack of movement in the joints, especially arthritis in the spinal column responds wonderfully to proper inversion therapy. In our more than 30 years experience in this field we have seen many cases of spinal stenosis, bone spurs along the spine and of course thousands of cases of compressed discs and sciatica helped using an inversion table. The therapy is easy. Once you are acclimated to inversion which only takes a few days of gentle incline you can start a mild rocking motion. Using the Traction Handles which are standard on the EP-950 Inversion Table you can start a gentle rocking motion. When you go back to a 40 degree angle for example the joints of the spine are separated and fluid pulled in to the disc capsule, when you come upright with your feet close to the ground the spine is compressed and fluid forced out. This accordion like pumping action can work wonders for oxygenation, removal of waste products, stimulating healing, regeneration and keeping your body young and subtle.
Christian Wilde
Teeter EP-950
Dr Bernard Jensen's excellent book "Arthritis, Rheumatism and Osteoporosis an
Effective Program for Correction Through Nutrition" is out of stock and out of print.
It is available as an E-Book and DVD from - Bernard Jensen International
Dr. Bernard Jensen
This book will be a great help to anyone with arthritis, other rheumatoid conditions or osteoporosis. If a complete solution to rheumatoid disease is ever found, I believe it will be along the lines of the program I am presenting here, which is based on over 50 years of private sanitarium practice. This book is to teach you to take care of your problems, rather than giving you temporary relief. Take care of your problems that are yet to come. Let us prevent more and cure less. Let us live a good lifestyle so we need less treatments.
So many people are taking gold shots, injections, vaccinations and nostrums for relief-- only relief. My program offers correction, a method of bringing in new tissue through evolved living, if the disease is not too far advanced.
Arthritis may take many years to reach the degenerative stage, and it is possible to wait tooo long before starting a corrective program. I the condition is not too advanced, my program should help. I have had excellent success in dissolving calcium deposits and spurs from those who had osteoarthritis.
In fact Dr. Waterson, a medical doctor from Scottsdale, Arizona, used to visit my Ranch and watch how my program of nutrition and exercise affected people with different diseases. Once he showed me six photographs of a man's knee, taken over a year and a half, showing the progressive reduction of a large calcium spur down to nothing. Calcium deposits can be reversed. Dr. Waterson used only my methods with his patient.
I have also worked with Dr. Henry G.   Bieler of Pasadena, author of Food Is Your Best Medicine, showing him my nutritional program. I worked with him on over 500 cases, with many wonderful results, including arthritis cases. His book was based on his success in treating various rheumatoid problems with injections and oral administration of hydrocholoric acid. His success was due to improvement of protien digestion. Many people with rheumatoid problems would benefit from taking digestive aid tablets and foods high in sodium (the correct form) . The stomach wall uses a good deal of sodium in the process of digestion. When sodium becomes depleted, it must be replaced for proper digestion of protein.
In my estimation, over 50 percent of the people in this country have some form of rheumatoid disturbance, ranging from slight pain and stiffness in the morning to the most degenerative stages. This includes people with nodules on the joints, bone spurs and joint problems of all kinds. I am including osteoporosis (calcium loss from the bones) because it is a calcium imbalance problem, even though it is not a rheumatoid condition. There are millions of people in this country who have these conditions, and my program of diet, exercise and nutritional supplement could help many of them, although I cannot say it will help all.
The causes of rheumatioid conditions are many. Trauma, fatigue, genetic disposition, sodium deficiency, metabolic disorders, poor food habits, junk food, high-stress jobs or lifestyles, drug side effects, food allergies, chemicalized drinking water, excessive perspiration (sodium loss), glandular imbalance, climate, excessive use of meant and many other things can contribute to the development of rhumatoid problems.
Digestive problems may lead to or result from rheumatoid condtiions, but they nearly always go together. Once the digestive difficulties begin, the body is unable to assimilate all the nutrients it needs. A high percentage of my patients are deficient in hydrochloric acid, needed to digest proteins properly. When we realize that most of our calcium is from proteins, we can see the problem. We must work to improve digestion if we are to take care of rhumatoid problems.
Excess table salt, which is the wrong kind of sodium, contributes to hardening of the arteries, and I believe it contributes to joint troubles as well. I advise cutting it out of the diet, or at least, cutting down on the use of it as much as possible.
The people of the United States are on a calcium craze now. Television advertising and magazine ads are loaded with new products claiming to be the solution to the problem of calcium deficiency. Osteoporosis and other types of calcium-imbalance problems, such as osteoarthritis and rhumatoid arthiritis, are suddenly in the forefromt of the news.
How real is the problem? And, how realistic are the solution proposed by advertisers?
In over 50 years of sanitarium practice, I have taken care of thousands of cases o arthritis, and I can tell you, the problem is very real. And the reason I have written this book is because I have found a very real and lasting answer.
Recent surveys show that American women, aged 16 to 50, are geting less than 70% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium, which is 1000 mg. An advertisement by Kraft, the well-known U.S. manufacturer of processed cheese, claims that 50% of American children are getting less than their recommended daily allowance of calcium. They are urging parents to give their children more cheese. I believe these reports. I believe that a high percentage of Americans do not get enough calcium -- or at least not enough of the right kind of calcium. But, I don't believe that taking some of the highly advertised calcium supplements will necessarily help.
First of all, I want you to notice that most of the remedies offered for the pain and stiffness of arthritis are for relief only. They don't pretend to get at the cause of the problem. They don't offer correction.

Most people with arthritis or other painful rhumatic conditions just want to get rid of the pain. The don't realize these are unseen causes inside the body that are producing the pain. I don't care how much Advil, Tylenol or asprin you take, the pain will always return until you make up your mind to go after the cause of the problem and get rid of it. Most people and their doctors look at pain as a localized thing, and that's the way they treat it. I believe that 90% of our aches and pains are reflex pain from some other part of the body, you can't treat the local site of pain, which is a symptom only, and get rid of its deeper cause in some other part of the body.

Are drugs the answer? In two recent experiments, one at the University of California's San Diego Medical Center, new drugs were tested. Improvement was found with both drugs, although side effects were found for one, and after it was stopped, symptoms b became worse than ever. No doubt the other has side effects too--because all drugs have side effects. The problem with drugs is that they disturb the body chemistry, cause dangerous side effects and leave toxic residues in the body. Drugs tend to relieve symptoms without getting at the underlying cause, and, although drugs can alter the body chemistry, they cannot rebuild tissue, they cannot replace old tissue with new, which is what is required for complete healing to take place.
After age 50, when rheumatic conditions begin to appear in the majority of those who get them, there is 20% lowered function in all parts of the body, due to aging. Elimination of wastes is retarded. The skin becomes dry. Thyroid function is lower, reducing glandular function throughout the body and lowering the metabolism. To develop a realistic program for taking care of arthritis and other rheumatic conditions, we need to recognize what is going on in the whole body and take care of everything--toxic settlements, mineral deficiencies and diminished immunity.
The wholistic approach to taking care of a disease or condition is to build up the health of the whole body until the body is strong enough to throw off the problem. In the case of rheumatid conditions, we need to use iodine for the thyroid, exercise and hawthorn berry tea for the circulation, sufficient liquid intake and KB-11 tea to take care of the kidneys, fresh vegetables and fruits to provide enough natural fiber to increase bowel elimination, foods high in calcium, sodium and potassium to neutralize excess body acids, vitamin D to help with calcium assimilation, and a proper diet to meet all nutrient needs and correct deficiencies. this is just an idea of a few things to take care of a few problems that exist. Each person is different having different vital organ problems that would need other types of corrective measures. This is a wholistic approach, the way of working with nature instead of trying to find shortcuts by man's way.
We need to understand that every gland, organ and tissue in the body affects every other part of the body. We live in an acid-producing country where the pressures of our jobs, urban living and relationships produce a lot of nerve acids. We have to live with environmental pollution, the problems of a high¬speed technological society, financial troubles and devitalized, processed foods that do not nourish our bodies properly.
The problem with most commercially produced calcium supplements is that they are not balanced for human assimilation. Calcium must be balanced with magnesium, and if there is too much or too little of one or the other, it cannot be used properly by the body. There must be enough vitamin D in the body to help assimilate calcium. Without exercise, our bodies can't take in sufficient calcium as needed, even if we take calcium pills with three times the recommended daily allowance. It is excreted from the body instead.
Calcium supplements alone are not the answer in calcium deficiency problems. We need to usc high calcium foods, instead. Only nature combines calcium with the right balance of other minerals, enzymes and vitamins.
On the other hand, many people who are developing enlarged joints and calcium spurs feel they are caused by taking too much calcium. This is not usually the case. The trouble is usually calcium-sodium imbalance in the body, resulting in calcium coming out of solution in the blood and depositing in the joints. We still need calcium, but we need to have a diet high in natural sodium foods at the same time.
There are other problems. A University of Washington study showed that caffeine, as found in coffee, tea, chocolate and most soft drinks, increases calcium loss in the body by double. Sugar leaches calcium out of the body. By the way, these so-called foods, are very acid forming. You don‘t need more acid foods of this kind to add to the rheumatic acid you already have.
Drinking more milk has been proposed as a solution to calcium imbalance in arthritis and osteoporosis, and Dale Alexander, author of Arthritis and Common Sense, has had good results giving milk with a little cod liver oil added to many people with arthritis. This is a good remedy for some people, but I believe we need to take a larger view of the problem and consider the needs of the whole body. Milk, for example, will not take care of the sodium deficiency which is often the cause of calcium imbalance in the body. The truth is, the average American has 25% milk products in his diet, according to USDA figures, and this is not solving the calcium imbalance problem for most people.
Dr. john Ott found a link between the ultraviolet in sunlight and arthritis. Because most people work indoors most ofthe time, they don`: get enough ultraviolet from artificial light, especially fluorescent lights. Window glass and the glasses most people wear filter out 85% of the uluaviolet, and the eyes are unable to take in this light. Ott's anhritis disappeared after he broke his glasses while on vacation in Florida, and he believes it is very important that we take in ultraviolet through the eyes every day. lt doesn`t have to be direct sunlight. We still get ultraviolet light when we are outside in the shade from reflections. I recommend plastic lenses over glass lenses in glasses, because they let in 85% o the ultraviolet, instead of only 15% as regular glass lenses do.
Glandular imbalances can lead to rheumatic conditions. The thyroid gland not only influences every other endocrine gland in the body, but regulates the body's metabolism and blood levels of calcium . So, when the thyroid is underactive, the whole body's energy supply and chemical balance is affected.
To Be Continued

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